Living in Spain – first hand experiences

Hi! On these pages I will be writing loose thoughts, experiences and maybe some tips from Spain. I hope they might be of use to someone.

At least they might serve to show that moving to Spain really isn’t that big a deal and it might be worth the effort.
Many posts on these pages might tell about weird things that happen around here, what do I know. But after many years here, I still have to say that the positive outweights the negative experiences by far. Like most people we went here for the sun, but after 3-4 years, the body suddenly seemed to have enough. One spring, out of nowhere, I just didn’t feel like sunbathing anymore. Instead I started acting like the Spanish, walking around in trousers even though it’s nearly 30 C, and wear leather jacket and a scarf when it hovers around 19-20. I guess the body gets accostumed.

What happens instead is that the social life takes over as the major advantage, at least here in Fuengirola. After 20 years in a major city of Sweden where one barely knows the first name of one’s neighbour, it’s very pleasant to almost always bump into some familiar face when taking a stroll.  It’s so much easier to hang out on a restaurant, practicing sports. Thinking of it, you might get to read something about sports on these pages too.

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